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Vishwa MadhaMatha Welfare Association

Vishwa MadhwaMatha Welfare Association, abbreviated as VMWA is an Organization for Madhva’s at International level. The objective of VMWA is to promote social, cultural, educational and religious links between Madhva’s of the world, and to uplift the Madhva Matha. Subject to availability of funds, VMWA will provide financial, educational, and any other help needed to individual members of affiliated organizations to help promote Dvaita values and for welfare of the Madhva Matha.

President’s Message

Shri. B.K. Venkoba Rao

The main objective of the VMWA is to promote cultural, educational and religious connection between Madhva’s of the globe and edify the MadhvaMatha.

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Becoming a Member, You will be, Promoting religious, Cultural and Educational Connection With Us. Our memberships cost will be for Lifetime.

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